Our Models

Over four decades ago, our atelier was born with the goal of creating cars perfectly crafted to become true collectible masterpieces. We know that car designing and building require great precision, ingenious technique and a creative eye.

Pure Blood

A perfect blend of aesthetic beauty and performance.
The sound of the engine, the wind blowing in your face as you race along scenic roads, the exquisite engineering that translates into slight vibrations in your hands, all this constitutes a source of enormous, unparalleled pleasure.

Italian Wizardry

From a merely utilitarian object into an object of desire.
These cars, seemingly pulled from the magical hats of Italian industrial design wizards, cannot hide their energetic Roman character.

German Precision

Outstanding German engineering.
Renowned German technology applied to an almost two-ton “steed” with a 7-litre engine, which seems reluctant to be tamed.

Pure Speed

Poison in a small dose.
Fervent bucket roadster, disguised as a mini with refined French mechanical engineering.